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Boosting the blog

After more than two years of presenting Pedal2Page, I felt it was time for a freshening up of my cycling blog. Even though my audience is small, but extremely loyal, I'm mindful of not being stuck in a lower gear. So with the indispensable assistance of my daughter Sophie, changes were put in motion and I'm pleased with the results.

Pedal2Page T-shirt ... front.

The home page and weekly postings — always on Fridays — received refurbished formats, while categories of interest, namely Blog, Galleries, and Shop, were given more focus and kept at a minimum. I also believe it is now easier to reach me with any questions or comments.

Part of the alterations, you may have already noticed, included a brand-new logo for Pedal2Page. It is clean and simple, and gets right to the essence of what the blog is all about.

As the title of today's entry suggests, I'm also making a tiny attempt to increase the visibility and awareness of Pedal2Page by giving my faithful followers the opportunity to help spread the Gabrion gospel. And that's where the previously mentioned category of Shop comes into play.

For the moment, I'm making available for purchase two items that convey the Pedal2Page message.

The first product is a neat-looking vinyl sticker that displays the updated logo, with the blog title of Pedal2Page underneath. Place it on your vehicle, bicycle, helmet or wherever, and be ready for the inevitable question of "What's that?" Your mission — should you choose to accept it — has been accomplished!

I'm really excited about the second offering. It's a T-shirt that shows the logo on the front, while the back of the garment includes the blog title and the slogan "Cycling at your own pace." The shirt is lightweight and super comfortable, comes in a variety of colors, and runs true to size. You'll be in style, on and off the bike!

Pedal2Page T-shirt ... back.

So, if you're interested, please go to the Shop category. If you encounter any problems, just contact me directly and we'll make it happen. Enjoy the new look of Pedal2Page and thanks for supporting my cycling blog.

Paceline points

— WORTH VIEWING: Along with recommending books on cycling, if I come across anything else that promotes riding, I will pass it along. That said, you might want to check out this short film on YouTube presented by Shimano: All Bodies on Bikes.

— TURNING PAGES: My latest read was "Raincoats are for Tourists: The Racing Secrets of Raphael Geminiani" by Isabel Best (Rapha, 2020). I kept thinking while delving into this little red-hardcover book that it felt like a bible, and that's kind of what it is. The author draws on a plethora of memories from Geminiani's decades in the peloton. Now 95, he's one of the last living members of an iconic cast of riders who illuminated cycling's golden age.

— SADDLE UP: Going for a ride also means taking along the right essentials for fixing a flat tire. I've been using a new product from Bontrager that fits the bill. The Spring Roll Seat Pack, which secures to a bike's saddle rails, features three pockets for storing a spare tube, tire levers, CO2 cartridge, etc. It's made of water-resistant materials and comes with a Boa closure system. I like its tidy and tight design.

As always, stay safe out there!

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Larry Vinal
Larry Vinal
Apr 02, 2021

When are the Hoodies available???

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