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'Check' it out!

At last, I've finally checked out my Checkpoint. And in particular, in conditions for what the brand-new Trek bicycle was designed and made for.

Hanging out in Brunswick.

Since obtaining the two-wheeled beast, there had been only one or two test rides on the Kennebec River Rail Trail. I purposely skipped its use at the Frost Heave Fondo in April, fully admitting I wasn't quite ready to scuff up the radioactive red-colored shine. So, the Bontrager 40mm tires hadn't touched any dirt, gravel, small rocks, tree roots, hard-packed soil, etc. That's no longer the case.

I journeyed down to Brunswick to meet up with Jon, my longtime cycling chum. For a couple of hours, we rambled through the wooded trails at Bowdoin College, the Town Commons, and the boundary area of the former Brunswick Naval Air Station.

All I can say is ... wow, what a bike! It was able to handle the rough stuff with ease. It was very responsive to where I wanted to go, with the light-weight carbon fiber frame answering all my body movements. Not once did I feel out of control. The oversized tires — with reduced air pressure — smoothed out all the bumps, but when I needed speed, it was quickly there. Riding along the gravel roads was a breeze.

As with most of my bicycles, I had changed the seat right from the outset. Going again with the Specialized Power Comp saddle. It has a shorter nose and extra-wide open channel down the middle, making my nether regions very happy and comfortable.

Jon and his Jamis bicycle.

It was my first ride of the season with Jon. Unfortunately, we don't ride together as often as in the past, so when we do join up, there's always a lot of catching up to do. During one of our "stop and chat" moments, Jon mentioned he no longer kept track of his mileage. The remark caught me a bit off guard, knowing it was an unspoken competition between the two of us year after year.

But my dear friend pointed out that it had kind of become a burden to chase after miles. He just wants to ride a bicycle and have fun. Good on him, I say. Truth be told, this is a "debate" I have with myself every so often. It's easy to go mileage mad and lose sight of why one goes for a pedal.

Anyway, as always, it was great spending ride time with Jon and we must do more of it this year. Along with our buddy Scott. As far as the new Checkpoint, I'm really glad I didn't hesitate before obtaining this outstanding Trek machine. It's one of the nicest bicycles I've ever had. Stay safe!

My brightly colored 2023 Trek Checkpoint. This bike will never get lost.

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