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Dog days of summer

It is certainly the dog days of summer, but they are happy ones. How could it be otherwise? I'm enjoying being outdoors and riding my bicycle.

So, what about the recently concluded month of August? I was actually off the bike for eight of the 31 days. Two were because of inclement weather, while the other six had to do with a vacation visit to my favorite place in the whole world. Yes, you probably guessed, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Traveling by plane meant leaving my two-wheeled machines at home. And I was completely fine with that arrangement — honestly.

The bikes I did utilize during the eighth month of the year included my Specialized Crux cyclocross beast and my two road monsters, the 2017 Trek Domane and its updated mate, the 2023 version. The majority of my rides were in the 30-plus-mile range and a couple of trips came in at 43 miles.

For August, I journeyed a total of 696 miles, which was precisely the same amount I had achieved in July. A complete fluke, I hasten to add.

The big highlight for the month — besides going you know where — was reaching the 5,000-mile mark. This was accomplished on August 14. I didn't get to that mileage number last year until September 16.

When taking into account the 2023 season, thus far, I have jumped aboard on one of my bicycles 206 times; missing only 38 days of riding. And for the first eight months of the year, I rode a total of 5,268 miles. Just like the summer — things are heating up!


My second-year participation in the road race at the 2023 Maine Senior Games is fast approaching. The 20-kilometer (12.4-mile) cycling event takes place on Sunday, September 17 in Brunswick. The course is the same as in 2022.

I've been doing a little preparation — some speed and interval work — but not to the extent that I believe I did for last year's competition. I don't know why, but I think I'll be ready to push the pedals — as hard as a 70-year-old dude can — when the time comes.

Speaking of time, the contest begins at 8 a.m. if you're interested in watching a bunch of young-minded athletes going around in circles on the former naval air station. Stay safe!

This is why I go to the Upper Peninsula. A view of the shoreline along Lake Superior.

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