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Dot the i's and cross the t's

I'm counting down the days until my dream cycling vacation in Belgium. I can almost taste the Belgian beer and Mattentaarten. The latter item, a specific highlight on the trip itinerary, is a small, sweet cake — recognized as a Flemish specialty.

Communication, by way of emails and phone calls, and other logistical matters — including items through the post — are coming thick and fast from Trek Travel. The reality of what is about to happen is certainly setting in.

Just the other day I received a very cool package from the Wisconsin-based tour company, which is part of the better-known bicycle manufacturer. Its contents, which I mentioned in a previous posting would be coming, included my Trek Travel cycling jersey and my Lidl-Trek pro team jersey and bib shorts. These articles of clothing will enable me and other participants to ride in style and comfort during our five days amid the Flanders countryside.

My Lidl-Trek pro team cycling kit.

Their arrival prior to the trip was to ensure that everything was a proper fit and to allow enough time if exchanges were necessary. Such is the case for me. Apparently, the Lidl-Trek stuff is a race-cut version — so that it sticks closely to one's body. Well, even though I may appear to be sleek and trim, my kit was a little bit too snug, so I've ordered the next size up. The new threads should be here any day now — along with the promised socks.

One of the emails had to do with confirming the various pieces of equipment I would be utilizing — that Trek Travel provides — and making sure the sizing was correct. Things such as the Trek Domane SL road bike, at 54cm, and the various saddle-top tube-handlebar measurements I supplied so the guides could make certain of the "bike fit." Also, the electronic message was verifying that I was bringing my own pedals and helmet.

Speaking of gear, Trek Travel offers suggestions on what to pack for a bike tour. I'm sure this is helpful, especially for those new to the sport. The trip consultants have indicated the spring temperatures in Belgium can be anywhere from 30 to 60 degrees. With a good chance of rain — and even the possibility of snow. So, accordingly, I plan on taking an array of cycling clothing, such as light-weight tights and jacket, gloves, arm warmers, neck gaiter, rain stuff, and so on. In other words, nearly everything.

Trek Travel also indicated that the current group size is five people. Pretty good ratio: two guides to five cyclists.

As I prepare for this trip, it's still hard to believe that it is actually happening. My daily bike rides are filled with anticipated thoughts of what awaits me in Belgium. Stay safe!

(Editor's note: It was because of a bicycle that I was able to meet my lovely wife. Today, she becomes a U.S. citizen. Well done, Vicky.)

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Ron Staschak
Ron Staschak
23 de fev.

Have an amazing journey!

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