Friday footnotes

You never know when a road ride might turn into a cyclocross course.

Pushing the pedals

My September hiatus from the bicycle finds me rushing on the road to make up for lost time. I'd still like to pedal 7,000 miles this season.

Speaking of time, I've always been curious as to how many hours I spend on the saddle, when I could otherwise do something else ... like read a book, perform chores, or be with my lovely wife. So I went to my logbook and pored over the numbers for last year, when I accumulated 6,638 miles. The most I have ever done.

Are you ready for this? For the 2020 cycling season, I spun my wheels for approximately 455 hours. Truth be told, I was a little surprised it was that high. However, my wife wasn't, and I certainly appreciate the fact that she understands my passion for riding a bike.

Stupid me

Full disclosure here on my blog, no matter how goofy it makes me look. And as long as it has something to do with pedaling a bike.

Just before the fall ...

I was out riding recently, on the lookout for a photograph to accompany a blog posting. Crossing the interstate on an overpass, I stopped, spying what I thought would be a good shot — vehicles going underneath the road, open fields, and colorful autumn leaves in the background.

So I leaned my bike against the railing, to be a part of the scene, and stepped back to snap the photo. I was mindful of the very strong winds occurring, so I didn't want to dillydally and take the chance that my pride and joy might get blown over by the breeze.

However, despite my precautions, it happened. Gazing through my cellphone's viewfinder, I watched in horror as a big blow came out of the north, causing my bicycle to crash to the pavement. A painful experience — not for the two-wheeled machine — but for me.

Fortunately, the only damage was to the tape on one of my handlebars. But boy, stupid me.

Seeing double

Colder temperatures equals fewer people riding their bicycles. To help maintain an awareness that cyclists are still on the road — and to keep motorists from "zoning out" — I'm doubling down with two rear flashing red lights. One on my helmet, while the other is attached to my seat post.

Heaven help any driver who fails to spot me now. At least three feet of spacing is always appreciated; it's the law in Maine, by the way.

'Thought for the day'

"Of all sports, cycling is the one that requires the most perfect match of man and machine. The more perfect the match, the more perfect the result." — Paul Cornish, endurance cyclist

From "Words To Ride By ... Thoughts on Bicycling" by Michael Carabetta (Chronicle Books, 2017)

I THOUGHT YOU might want to know that today's posting is number one hundred and fifty. It's still fun and I trust I haven't bored you too much. Thanks for reading.

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