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I did a 'Scott'

As evidenced by today's accompanying photo, shivering conditions continue to keep a grip on us here in Vacationland. The snapshot was taken on the first day of May — yes, that's right, May — and I'm wrapped up in full winter cycling regalia.

Dressed for January ... in May!

With a busy day ahead, but wanting to go for a spin, I jumped on my bicycle just before seven in the morning. The temperature was a bone-chilling 36 degrees, with a "feels like" reading of 30. At least the cold meant none of Maine's famous black flies were lurking around. Anyway, as always, the ride brought much pleasure, but near the conclusion of the 22-mile cruise I realized I had done a "Scott."

Regular followers of my blog will remember that from time to time we poke fun at our good friend and fellow cyclist, Scott. More often than not, he will arrive at the start of a ride wearing enough garments to clothe an entire peloton. Once we give him a good ribbing — or the look — Scott begins shedding parts of his kit, depositing bits behind the picket fence in my front yard to retrieve at a later time. The reference of being overdressed — doing a "Scott" — is a humorous flaw in his otherwise wonderful and kind-hearted character.

So, by the time I was approaching Hallowell and pedaling on the Kennebec River Rail Trail, my speed was dropping fast and I was laboring big time under the weight of all that extra clothing. And it goes without saying, I was sweating like a madman.

Once home, the temp had climbed to 52 degrees. No wonder I felt like I'd done a "Scott."

Awesome April ...

The fourth month of the year brought good riding results. I ended up on the bike 21 out of April's 30 days. Thus far, for the 2022 season, I've gone for a pedal on 78 occasions. I utilized three different bicycles in April: my Schwinn Circuit and Trek Domane road machines, and my Specialized Crux cyclocross beast, which I climbed aboard for the 34-mile Frost Heave Fondo.

Thirteen of my journeys in April covered 30 miles or more, and I accumulated a total of 590 miles during the month. For the year, I reached 2,013 miles on April 30, hitting the 2,000-mile mark eight days later than in the 2021 season.

Anyway, thanks for going along for the bike ride. And, please stay safe!

(Editor's note: Please check out this short film from Patagonia titled "North Shore Betty." It reveals you are never too old to enjoy cycling.)

We are getting pretty fancy at Mathieu's with a canopy over my bike washing station.

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