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One last tidbit worth noting from my magnificent Belgium adventure. The five-part series that I authored for my blog has been published online by Trek Travel, the Wisconsin-based touring company that I utilized for my cycling vacation. The fact that this top-flight organization, which has been offering bicycle trips throughout the world for more than twenty years, has provided my writings to a wider audience is pretty darn amazing.

If you'd like to view Trek Travel's presentation of my work, please go to, click on Stories, and then scroll down to "Guest Feature: Fabulous Flanders 2024."


As many of you know, my blog has always been an outlet for expressing my passion for riding a bicycle. In my more than five years of posting an article just about every Friday, my goal has been to offer entertaining and informative postings — striving to never duplicate or be boring. As a part of that process, I enjoy and have fun generating meaningful thoughts, without it being a burden to come up with topics on a weekly basis. This has never been the case, and I want to keep it that way.

For that reason, the every-week frequency of my blog postings is coming to an end. I'm not declaring that my just-completed Belgium series of stories is anything close to a swan song for Pedal2Page, but it seems like an appropriate time for a change.

When I have something to say which is connected to the wonderful world of bicycles — like a book review, the discovery of a new route, a pleasurable ride with friends, etc. — then it will find its way into words and will be made available for you to read. Just like now, my postings — when they do occur — will only show up on Friday mornings.

Lastly, I just want to thank all of you for the loyalty you have shown toward my cycling blog. You are the main reason I keep putting into words about how much fun it is to ride a bicycle. Stay safe!

One last photo from Belgium. A triumphant trio at the end of the We Ride Flanders event in Oudenaarde.

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Mark Shipsey
Mark Shipsey
17 Μαΐ

I just want to say thank you for the window into your passion! The last time I rode a bike I was delivering newspapers. That said, I have enjoyed and looked forward to your blog because of your passion and remarkable storytelling.

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