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Just July

With both of my part-time jobs now in the rearview mirror, the bicycle miles are coming free and easy. I'm kind of enjoying full-time retirement.

For the just completed month of July, I only missed four days of riding. And three of those were due to celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary in Quebec City. Not once did I wish I had taken along one of my two-wheeled machines — honestly. Walking the charming streets in the provincial capital more than made up for any lost cycling miles.

Anyway, during the seventh month of the year, I utilized five different bikes: my two gravel beasts, the Specialized Crux and Trek Checkpoint, and my three Trek road monsters, the 2.3 aluminum model and the 2017 and 2023 Domanes. My odometer registered 696 miles for July.

And what about the 2023 season, thus far? I have swung my leg over a top tube 183 times; missing precisely 30 days of going for a spin. The mileage for the year now stands at 4,571. I guess I'm just going to keep on rolling down the road — or any trails.

My earlier reference to Quebec City reminded me of an observation. It didn't take long for my wife, Vicky, and I to realize that it is a very hilly place. An area well suited for e-bikes. And, believe me, there were plenty of them in use, by both locals and tourists. Also, at various spots throughout the community, there were bike stations where you could rent a "motorized" pedal pusher.

The temptation for battery-powered cycling assistance would certainly be on one's mind, especially on a hot summer day or if you were lugging around a bunch of groceries — or anything heavy for that matter. Even I might be persuaded to join the latest bicycle craze. But then, back to reality, I did notice on the last day of our visit an older woman — I'd say, in her late seventies — effortlessly climbing up a steep hill in Old Quebec on a regular bike. You go girl, indeed.

Predictably, I'm quite sure I would be sticking with my current mode of transportation — people power — if I ever found myself cruising around a location like Quebec City. Remember, hills have two sides. And, yes, going up can be a royal pain, but going down is usually a blast. So it's worth the effort, in my opinion. Stay safe — particularly on hills!

Bicycles at the ready in Quebec City.

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