Launching Pedal2Page

Welcome to my cycling blog.

With my recent retirement from a 44-year newspaper career, my lifelong passion for cycling has come to the fore. And with my writings and photos — a way of keeping my foot in the journalist's door — I hope to share with you the fun and excitement that riding a bike brings to my life.

Truth be told, it took me a long time to ditch the training wheels on my first bike — I believe it was a red and white Skyrider — but once they were gone, I was gone. From riding to school on gravel roads in Ithaca, Michigan, to cruising around in Europe, to going around in circles on a velodrome near Detroit, and even attempting to keep up with Lance Armstrong, I just love being on two wheels.

Now from my home in Maine, my experiences on a bike continue to flourish. Along with my almost daily jaunts with good friends, I test my abilities doing century rides, and in 2018, I tried my first competitive hill climb and stirred up dirt and dust at a gravel grind in Rangeley.

So, let's go riding together through Pedal2Page. I will keep describing my cycling adventures and throw in a few other bits and bobs like mechanics' tips, profiles and the like, and you can share with me your favorite rides, why you jump on the saddle, or anything else pertaining to cycling. If you have any comments or questions, throw them my way and I'll play reporter again to seek the answers.


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