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Legacy leftovers

I'm certainly glad I discovered the Legacy Trail in Sarasota.

While everyone is probably tucking into Turkey Day leftovers, I have a few thoughtful leftovers regarding my recent riding of a bicycle on the Legacy Trail in Florida.

After my blog write-up of "Alligator alley" — describing my pleasant experience on the nearly 19-mile Sarasota-to-Venice byway — I sent a link to the posting to the Friends of The Legacy Trail, thinking the members of the all-volunteer nonprofit organization would like receiving an outsider's point of view. To be honest, I was extremely surprised and pleased by the response.

This is what transpired. The Friends ended up connecting to my article from their Facebook page and, within a day or so, the "like" and "love" acknowledgments numbered up to 115. And there were a bunch of comments from those who utilize the popular trail. Here are a few examples of what was said:

— Great blog! Thank you for sharing. We drive up frequently to bike the Legacy Trail. All other trails we bike are compared against the standard set by the Legacy Trail.

— Thank you for sharing this!

— Well written. We purchased our home due to its proximity to the trail. We eliminated one of our cars, too.

— Wow! Wow! And wow! I love the Legacy Trail. I didn’t even think of biking there with my family until one of my short-term rental guests mentioned it. It was love at first sight! We are so lucky to have TLT.

— I love the trail.

— I miss cycling on it!

— Welcome to our Legacy Trail.

One person even wondered where I lived in Maine, as she was originally from Phippsburg, but had moved to Florida. Also, I received an email from Louis Kosiba, the Friends' president, saying, "We are glad you enjoyed the trail."

At last count, there had been 151 views of the "Alligator alley" posting on Pedal2Page. By the way, the Florida Trails website recently placed the Legacy Trail in its "Top Ten" listing. That doesn't surprise me at all.

Someone asked me if I, indeed, did come across any alligators while pedaling on the Legacy Trail. Thank heavens, no. I did see a snake and turtle, but I wasn't scared!

And finally ...

I guess tomorrow is kind of a special day, as I turn the big SEVEN-O. Yes, it's hard to believe I will be reaching such a lofty number. The weather forecast calls for sunny skies, with a high temperature of 43 degrees. Nothing is better than a birthday bicycle ride. Stay safe!

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Frank O'Hara
Frank O'Hara
27. Nov. 2022

Congratulations on a birthday and a life well-lived!

Gefällt mir

Ted Vaughan
Ted Vaughan
25. Nov. 2022

70 is barely the speed limit in a 55 Zone!!! Happy B-Day! Biker! Ted & Carolyn

Gefällt mir
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