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My logbook tells stories

As previously mentioned, I've been keeping a cycling logbook since 2001. It contains information on every ride. Items like what bike I used, who I rode with, and what the weather conditions were for that day.

It also includes the duration of the ride, the maximum speed reached, the average speed, and the total number of miles. Each entry, with just a couple of words, even lets me know where I went, with such notations as Smith Road, Indiana loop, Marston-Costello, bakery route, rail trail, Brunswick and back, etc. All my century rides are listed, gravel grinds, fat bike events. Rides in Maine. Rides in Michigan. Rides in Pennsylvania. Rides in Texas. On and on it goes. As I said, EVERY ride.

My logbook and 75,000 miles.

Furthermore, the logbook provides space for "notes," so with my mileage approaching 75,000 for all these years I decided to look back and see what they say. Here's what I found, in no particular order:

* Hard ride today, coming down with cold.

* Recovery ride today.

* New computer installed on Trek.

* Stopped by shop to have shifting adjusted.

* Normally it's dogs that chase me ... today it was a runaway steer! Managed to stay ahead of it and its horns.

* Hit by sickness.

* First flat tire of the season ... hit a big rock in the road.

* Had a fun ride with J.J. and Scott today. Lots of banter.

* No mojo in my motor ... tough ride.

* Rode today at Bloomer Park velodrome. Scary at first, but boy was that fun!

* New stuff on bike today ... saddle, cassette and chain.

* I'm sick of this wind.

* Thrill of a lifetime today in Austin. Got to go riding with Lance Armstrong.

* Hot and humid. Shouldn't have gone riding.

* Lots of traffic, not very relaxing on road. Felt a real nervousness.

* Met many friendly people at century ride.

* Today's big surprise ... rode through Spring Gully, South Carolina, hometown of rock 'n' roller Chubby Checker.

* Almost knocked down by motorist. Why do they get so close? It's like they are playing the game of chicken.

* Finally warm enough ... no tights!

* Not much time for ride, did intervals.

* Cracked frame on Trek!

* 22 miles today ... last ride in my 50s.

* Participated in bike shop group ride, should do more of these.

* So cold my computer quit working.

* Topped 5,000 miles for season for first time. Way to go, man!

* Managed ride today. Very sad, brother-in-law Ed passed away.

* "Share the road" signs I suggested are up on Smith Road. People actually took note to what I said about safety concerns.

* Birthday ride!

* J.J. hit 5,000 miles today.

* Short ride, had to mow lawn.

* Dog attack!

* Like new tires, grip real well.

* Thunderstorm lurking ... hightailed it for home.

* Saw bald eagle near Kennebec River.

* Tested injury today.

* Went 66 miles, burned 3,258 calories.

* Maiden ride on new Trek Domane! Sweet machine.

* Last ride of season, surgery tomorrow.

There you have it, a sampling of what my rides reveal. A sort of reflection of my life on a bicycle.

It will be interesting to see how my "notes" describe an upcoming event as a group of us are heading to New York City soon for the Five Boro Bike Tour. Last year's 40-mile ride had more than 30,000 cyclists. It will be my first visit to Manhattan. It should be fun and exciting ... but we'll let my logbook tell the story.

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