No bike shop 'blues'

I'd planned on waxing poetically on the pleasures of fat biking in this blog entry, but Mother Nature put a slight spoke in the wheel. We finally did receive a few inches of snow here in Maine the other day. In fact, we got enough of it that the bike shop was closed.

However, temperatures rose and the rain arrived, and presto chango, the white stuff is all gone for the moment. I did actually get on my Specialized Fatboy for three straight days and it was great fun. As it gets deeper snow-wise into winter — which I'm sure will happen someday soon — I will write more on the joys of fat biking, and reflect on the wonders of being outside in the cold conditions.

Alan made me do it!

Also, more to come on the fantastic grip my new 45NRTH Dillinger 5 studded tires provide, and I'm going to test ride a Trek Farley fat bike we have at the shop to give you my opinion and to see how it compares to my Specialized beast.

The fact that it is mid-December means activity at the bike shop does slow down. We do get the odd bike to work on and have assembled new ones for the Christmas rush. Cyclists come in to try out and oftentimes purchase indoor trainers or get corresponding parts to make old ones work again. At Mathieu's Cycle, we also sell an array of fitness equipment which we put together. And, of course, fat bikes are a big priority this time of year, although I would even consider them a four-season ride ... especially the ones equipped with a front suspension (like the Farley 7 model).

The downtime also gives us the opportunity to restock shelves, brush up on bike maintenance techniques, learn details on new products for next season, and think about how we can better serve our customers. And we always welcome those who want to come by and shoot the ----!

The one consistent factor at our shop — and one of the reasons I liked "hanging" there even before I got hired — is the relaxed atmosphere and that we do have fun. While we take seriously the details of selling and servicing bikes, etc., we do enjoy goofing around from time to time, and having a laugh. Hence, the photo accompanying today's blog entry when Alan and I were re-waxing the floors the other day. As you can see, I could hardly stop giggling.

So yes, we have a good time cycling, and we have a good time at the bike shop. Be safe out there!

Which leads me to one last point. Just keep in mind that there are some knucklehead cyclists, such as myself, still riding on the roads this time of year, so everyone please be careful and patient. I'm even running two Bontrager rear flashing red lights just to make sure motorists can see me. Thanks.

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