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Partners in everything

Let's be honest. Like any good, strong — and sustainable — marriage, Vicky and I have had our ups and downs. That's just part of life and growing up. But in our 36 years of being husband and wife, we have also built a bond — what I would call a partnership — that is solid most of the time and is at the very core of what keeps us sharing our time together.

With this longevity, comes much responsibility to navigate what's thrown your way, and we have discovered — and to be honest, are still working out the kinks — that anything done as a couple makes any burden just that much easier to solve. The old "two minds are better than one" kind of thinking.

I feel blessed to have such a person as Vicky in my corner. Someone who can steer me in the right direction in case I start pedaling the wrong way. And me for her, as well. This life we have invented under the same roof as "one" has produced meaningful traits — and partnership strengths — that I hope will continue to flourish and foster many more. We are, at least from my perspective ...

— Partners in making important decisions.

— Partners in taking vacations together (I know couples who don't).

— Partners in raising our children (To be honest again, Vicky did more of the heavy lifting than I).

— Partners in running the household.

— Partners in honesty and trust.

— Partners in friendship.

— Partners in laughter and sadness.

— Partners in dealing with the loss of our son.

— Partners in sharing the way life should be in Maine.

There is much more that we do together, but last week we added a new one. We are now PARTNERS IN BICYCLING. Praise the cycling gods, now I am in biking bliss.

As many of you probably remember, we obtained a new Trek FX 3 bike in the spring for Vicky. Then she encountered serious medical issues that put the brakes on doing any kind of riding. Well, all that stuff is now in the past and she received clearance to jump on her saddle.

Vicky and her new bicycle.

So, kitted out in her cycling shorts and jersey — and all important helmet — we headed down to a park in Hallowell with her two-wheeled machine on the back of the car. After a minor adjustment with the seat post, she was off. Cruising like she never forgot how to, Vicky circled the parking lot a few times, then hit the trail that rims the park. After a little while, she proclaimed, "I think I'll ride home on the street."

Well, she did a wonderful job. No wobbling, no nothing. Just a smile on her cheerful face as she even shifted the gears on her bike. Up next is the Kennebec River Rail Trail, and eventually to places like the carriage roads inside Maine's Acadia National Park and along carless roads on many of our coastal islands.

This kind of partnership is one I've been dreaming about for a very long time. I know she will never do the type of bicycling I do, but that's just fine with me. The more we can do together — even in slow motion — the tighter our bond of sharing will become. The pedal power of two!

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