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Pedal points

PROUD OF HER: The person who lets me go riding — or at least recognizes the importance of going for a pedal — has just retired, spending the last 22 years as a school nurse in a rural community here in Maine. Well done, I say. Does this mean more saddle time in Vicky's future on her Trek bike? Let's hope so.

Vicky ... cycling into retirement.

MILES PILING UP: My bike odometer topped 3,000 miles for the season just the other day. I was so surprised in reaching that amount so quickly that I did the math four times to make sure of the accuracy. So for 2020, this is what my logbook shows so far ... 50 rides to reach first 1,000 miles; 36 rides for second 1,000, and 36 rides for third 1,000.

GRAVEL GRINDER: Speaking of miles, my good friend Jon has been playing in the dirt of late as he breaks in his new Jamis Renegade gravel bike. I'm so happy for him. I'll bet he's flying along the trails and back roads after having slogged around on his all-steel Breezer bomb, which weighed a ton.

NEW BOOK: I enjoy reading about the history of cycling, and I had a new book arrive on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. It's titled "Coppi: Inside the Legend of the Campionissimo" by Herbie Sykes (Rouleur Books, 2012). The pages contain old black-and-white photographs and a collection of narratives describing the iconic Italian cyclist Fausto Coppi. More details after I give it a read.

BIKE WORDS: I did a previous blog entry on some of the words that show up on bicycles, many that make no sense whatsoever. Recently, I was cleaning a bike at the shop and splashed all over its frame were the following three phrases: linear pull, power stroke, and power climber. All that on just one ride. One would assume that's a heck of a bike, but believe me it wasn't.

HE WHO HESITATES: I'm certainly glad I didn't wait on obtaining my Trek 920 adventure bike, which I'm using for my "Reunion Tour" in 2021. Now, there are none to be had. In fact, with the resurgence of riding because of the coronavirus pandemic, it's hard to find any bikes except for high-end models. I've been told that Trek isn't even issuing any "normal" bikes until the 2021 ones come out in August.

AND FINALLY: It's a little disconcerting as to the number of vehicles that are leaving an odor of marijuana in their wake after they pass me during a bike ride. While it's nothing like a scene in Cheech and Chong's "Up In Smoke," where you can't see the interior of the car because of all the smoke, this isn't some humorous movie. It is dangerous. Recreational use of pot is legal in Maine, but to me it's no different than if someone was drinking alcohol and driving. It shouldn't be happening.

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