Sarasota sojourn

Casita Ixora in Sarasota, Florida.

Just back from sunny Florida — where it also was quite hot and humid — visiting with my old friend, Maynard. The photograph shows my room and ride for the week. I will reveal all my two-wheeled adventures in the Sunshine State in next Friday's posting. Stay tuned!

October memo

That's October gone. Two more months of cycling in the 2022 season. Keeping up with my monthly reports, here are my latest statistics from the tenth month of the year:

— I spun my wheels only 21 out of 31 days, missing much time because of inclement weather.

— I utilized three bicycles: my Trek Domane road machine, Trek Fuel EX 5 trail bike, and — for the life of me — I couldn't figure out the brand of the bike I cruised with in Florida.

— There were three highlights during the month: the successful 100-mile Cadillac Challenge, my first ride of 2022 with my usual "bicycling partner in crime" Jon, and four days of wonderful cycling in Sarasota.

— For October, I had 669 miles.

As far as my updated totals for the 2022 season, I have jumped on a bicycle 220 times and I have accumulated 5,938 miles. Getting closer to 7,000. Stay safe!

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