Shifting gears

Fat biking on the rail trail along the icy Kennebec River.

Holes in his shoes

There's this gentleman named Scott — I only know him by his first name — whom I've come across for several years during my bike rides near my home. He's a walker, and that's putting it mildly.

At first, we would always wave to one another and say "hi." As time went by, we'd exchange quick comments about the weather and say things like "Have a nice day." Now, it's got to the point where I'll stop pedaling and we'll have little chats. Scott will often ask me for details on the bicycle that I am riding at that moment. He had several questions when, one day, I was cruising on my fat bike.

Anyway, when I saw Scott the other day, I asked him if he'd missed any days of walking in 2020. His reply was "Nope!" In fact, he said the last day he hadn't taken a stroll was on Oct. 13, 2019. And we're not talking about a walk of a mile or two; Scott's daily route covers 11.9 miles — every day. In the rain, blowing snow, high winds, and the nice days we have here in Maine.

So if you calculate 11.9 miles for 366 days, Scott ended up with more than 4,355 miles in 2020. Not bad for a dude who will be 70 years old this coming May. That's way more impressive than my 6,638 miles on my bicycles during the same time period.

Catching up with Kacey

My niece, Kacey Lloyd, and her husband, Gabe, whom I featured in a previous blog posting, recently appeared in a Track Chats video series presented by Lexus Velodrome, which is located in Detroit, Michigan.

As you may recall, Gabe is involved in several areas of cycling, from commentating to running bike races, which he does with his wife. Kacey is a former world-class cyclist, winning six national championships and competing in World Cup events for the U.S. National Team, as well as six-day Madisons in Europe. She also won the first-ever Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn.

Please click here to check out their interview. It gives a lot of insight into their cycling sphere, along with their background in velodrome racing.

Spreading the butter

My blog posting detailing my squeamishness about "Butt Butter" has finally appeared as a humorous article in the latest issue of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine's magazine. With it being more of a family-friendly kind of publication, the headline was toned down to protect the innocent.

Please click here to see "This Butter Isn't For Your Morning Toast" and the other stories in The Maine Cyclist magazine. It's worth a look.

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